Welcome to Faith Mountain Farm!

We are a family farm located in Creston, NC. Try some organic produce, sunflowers, delicious baked goods, and raw honey from Faith Mountain Farm! Delivery to Boone, NC and surrounding areas is available.

Browse our site to get a glimpse of what we do here at Faith Mountain Farm in Creston, NC. We welcome suggestions and value your feedback on everything we do.

It is winter on the farm, and life should be a little slower, but that never seems to happen!  There is always something new and exciting going on.  This winter the boys are growing their wood selling business and it is going really well so far.  Baking continues to be steady even in the winter, especially around the holiday time.     Our granola and chewy balls seem to be taking on a life of their own with many devoted fans and are even being sold at one of the local ski slopes.  Of course, if you are not in the area, you can order direct from this web site.

Our venture Backyard Beehive finished the seventh year of operation in 2014 and added several new customers this year.  Contact us now to get in your order for beehives for 2015.  Our bees will visit your property for the season to serve as pollinators, honey producers, and interesting dinner conversation!