Welcome to Faith Mountain Farm!

Faith Mountain Farm is a family farm located in Creston, NC.  James and Shannon Wilkes and their children (Margaret, Galen, Sullivan, Israel, Lillian, Zion, Oliver, Vivian) started the farm in 2005 when the moved from nearby Boone, NC to the farm property.  We grow a variety of produce and sunflowers, raise chickens and pigs, make delicious baked goods, and keep honey bees for raw honey! Delivery to Boone, NC and surrounding areas is available.  Browse our site to get a glimpse of what we do here at Faith Mountain Farm, and we welcome suggestions and value your feedback on everything we do.

Our venture Backyard Beehive started in 2008 and continues to serve a dynamic group of customers in the surrounding area from urban homeowners to small orchards to local tourist destinations. Contact us now to make arrangements for beehives for the upcoming year.  Our bees will visit your property for the season to serve as pollinators, honey producers, and interesting dinner conversation!

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