Tractor Woes

The farm came with a 1953 Ford Jubilee tractor that ran great and had several implements. It is very handy to have around, especially for hauling wood and turning the large garden. So, being without the tractor for the past few weeks has not been easy. The starter went bad, I thought, and I got a new part from Ebay that took forever to get here. It came today, and I put it on after some effort only to find out that it still wouldn’t start. The engine is frozen up somehow. It was running fine when I parked it, so this is rather odd. I tried towing it with the truck while Galen was riding the tractor and had him put it in gear … the wheels on the tractor stopped completely and just slid while I dragged it with the truck. Oh well, it looks to become a yard ornament. What do you do with an old tractor that doesn’t work anymore?

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  • Lisa

    You could use it as a lawn ornament, if it isn’t too old or rusty looking. (Then it starts to look horror movie-ish.) I’m sure there are websites on troubleshooting engine difficulties. Also, have you made sure something hasn’t just holed up in there and is jamming it up? It’s unlikely, but possible.

  • sh60132

    eventually farm equipment, like everything, gets too old. my grandpa has got an old blue ford tractor from that general time period and i have always wondered how it has lasted this long.

  • Luke

    Sell that tractor on ebay! Use the money you get from that old tractor to make a down payment on a brand new John Deer Tractor.

  • Jason

    Sorry, but it looks as if your antique of a tractor is destined to either:

    a) function as a lawn ornament (at least it’s classier than a pink flamingo or those god awful garden gnomes)


    b) turn into scrap metal

    You may want to consider eBay. I’m sure some antique collector or traditionalist would pay a pretty penny for such a novelty.

  • Diamond834100

    If it was me, I would turn the old tractor into some sort of farm decoration. I would put some sort of anti-rust stuff on it so as it rained or sat outside it would not deteriorate. I feel that since the farm came with the old tractor, the tractor should still be apart and stay apart of the farm and the family.


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