5 Frame Nuc 2021


5 frame nuc in Jester E-Z nuc box. 3 frames of bees and brood, 1-2 frames of stores. 2020 queen Italian/Carniolan mix.  Ready to transfer immediately. Pick up end of April.

Out of stock

Out of stock



Nucs 2021 Orders will open in November for spring 2021.

Excited to help supply you with quality local nucs to replace losses, to expand your apiary or start beekeeping for the first time!

2021 nucs

  • 5 deep frames in Jester E-Z portable nuc box.
  • 3 frames of brood and 2 frames of stores (honey/pollen).
  • 2021 Queen Italian/Carniolan mix.
  • Grown and monitored for 3-4 weeks before pick up to prove queen quality and strength of the nuc.
  • Cost $175
I can arrange an alternative pickup date if needed at Faith Mountain Farm, also delivery is available for the high country for a fee of $30.00.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Sullivan Wilkes at sulli.wilkes@gmail.com.