For Fall 2011 HON 1515 Students

For the blogging part of this assignment, you need to create a blog for yourself or use one you already have and make a post to the blog.  There are numerous blogging sites, and you can use any blogging site you want, is an easy one to use. You also have to “reply” or “comment” to this posting on MY blog. Being able to create your own blog and add comments to other people’s blogs is an essential 21st century information skill.

This blog was originally designed to chronicle my family life on the farm, but that life is too busy to spend time posting to a blog!  Here is a video of us catching a swarm on the farm early in the summer:

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  • Abby Jenkins

    I am so impressed by your farm! My dad lived in country farm land growing up and I love the atmosphere. I'm curious how you got started in trapping bees and how much honey you collect? It seems like you have a very fun and busy way of life on your farm.

  • littlezc

    Hi Dr. Wilkes, this is Zoë from HON 1515. I have a bit of a farm at home too. 40 or so chickens and 20 or so turkeys, a little orchard and a pretty big garden. Mom and Grandpa are agricultural hobbyists and I certainly don't mind the excellent food we grow.

  • harringtontw

    WOW. That was really awesome. I also live on a farm, or did before I moved here, but we didn't have any bee hives. I'm very impressed at how calmly you dealt with that massive swarm. I certainly would have been freakin out big time. Lessons that i have learned from HON1515…1. Don't mess with any of the professors. They like to do crazy extreme stuff with guns and bees. 2. Some little thing called Hex.
    Cool blog post, I hope mine will be as good.

  • Noah Hughes

    Wow Dr. Wilkes, that didn't look too fun, bet it was exciting though. How many bee hives do you have? And how many times did you get stung making that video?

  • Lizzie McCreary

    Sounds good, sir! I will definitely try to follow your blog, or the posts that you do put up! I like the class so far and look forward to this year with yourself and Dr. Parks.

  • josh batson

    Dr. Wilkes, I am not ashamed to admit that you and your son are a lot braver than I would be around those bees. Very impressive. Looking forward to more cool videos like this if there are any more to see.

  • Rnstphns

    This is definitely one of the more interesting assignments I've been given in school. But interesting assignments may come with beekeeping and sharpshooting professors.

  • Nicholas Lee

    Woooooow. That really does put a whole new twist on a "hard day's work." It takes brave people to do that! And for that, Sir, I applaud you.

  • deeparks

       Very cool, James! Honey bees are a lot tamer than those blasted yellow jackets that seem to inhabit my yard every summer.
       I think we're going to have some fun with our 1515 students, don't you?

  • Meghan D.

    Dr. Wilkes,
    I would be so nervous being around all those bees like you were. I'm pretty petrified of bugs that can sting me! However, your farm looks beautiful. I love the nature, so homes that have a lot of land have always been appeasing to me. I am looking forward to talking about your farm ventures in class on Tuesday!
    Thanks for sharing this blog with us!
    – Meghan Dillner

  • Melinda Hodnett

    I'm so impressed that you were able to handle all of those bees without getting stung! I work as a lifeguard during the summer, and most of my coworkers get stung every day when they aren't even provoking the bees. I don't see a lot of local farms where I live, so it was interesting getting to see a different lifestyle than what I'm used to.

    • Imene

      We estimate that the hive of bees would be 1,200 bees. We found this aewsnr by counting 1/4 of the picture. We found that there were 70 bees in 1/4 of the picture. We added 70+70+70+70=280 bees. Then we rounded 280 to 300 bees. Next we knew that 300 was just 1/4 of the entire bee hive. So we multiplied 300 4=1,200 bees in the bee hive. We are so glad that we did not have to count 1,200 bees! Thank goodness we know how to estimate!Mrs. Martel’s 2nd & 3rd graders

  • Meredith Gragg

    I am so terrified of bees, so kudos to you and your son for being so brave, even more so that he was wearing shorts! I wince just thinking about how many times he probably got stung brushing those bees off the branch.

  • JD Still

    Wow! im not to cozy around bees but its amazing how close you were to soo many bees and they didnt sting you! I had a bad run in with a bee hive when i was really little so bees arent my favorite but thats really cool!


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