Backyard Beehive Program Options


Backyard Beehive provides a pathway to enjoy beekeeping without all of the stress of taking care of them yourself until you are ready or just leave it all to us.  As a Backyard Beehive customer, you get to share in the honey produced by the bees in your yard. Backyard Beehive splits the honey produced by the bees in your yard 50/50 with you.

The options presented here are suggested arrangements for locations within our normal driving ranges.  Additional traveling fees apply outside this range. If you don’t see an option that fits you, contact us for alternatives.


We also offer interesting arrangements for lodges, bed and breakfasts, resorts, homeowners associations, etc. that may include a private honey label for residents and guests, education programs, and, of course, honey!

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Sponsor-a-Hive – $150 per year– You don’t get bees in your yard, but your participation helps supports our operation which gets bees in more neighborhoods and produces local honey. You get four quarts of honey as a sponsor as well as updates on bee activity during the bee season.


Lease – $720 per year for two hives – $45 per month (March-October) per hive with a two hive minimum.   Each additional hive is $275 per year. Fees include delivery and set up of hive, monthly maintenance, honey removal, extraction and bottling (you provide bottles of your choice).  If you live outside our normal travel area, additional travel fees apply.

Though you do not own the hives with this option, we welcome you to learn about the bees and help us take care of them much as you desire.  You might use this option as a stepping stone to owning and maintaining your own hives. We are glad to sell you the equipment and bees if you want to take over the care of the  bees.


Owner – Same as lease plus supplies (approx. $600) to set up your apiary – You own the beehive and are encouraged (though not required!) to learn how to manage them yourself with guidance from Backyard Beehive. Supplies include everything you need to get started taking care of your bees: veil, gloves, smoker, beekeeping

software, and hive hardware. The bee hardware you purchase will provide years of service, so you can view this as a long term investment. If you do not want to continue keeping bees, Backyard Beehive will buy back your supplies.


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