Backyard Beehive Program Options


Backyard Beehive provides a pathway to enjoy beekeeping without all of the stress of taking care of them yourself until you are ready or just leaving it all to us.  As a Backyard Beehive customer, you get to share in the honey produced by the bees in your yard.

The options presented here are suggested arrangements for locations within our normal driving ranges (Blowing Rock, Boone, and West Jefferson).

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Lease – $1100 per season for two hives (March-October) Additional hives are $400 per year. Fees include delivery and set up of the hive, monthly hive maintenance, honey removal, extraction, and bottling.

Though you do not own the hives with this option, we welcome you to learn about the bees and help us take care of them much as you desire.  You might use this option as a stepping stone to owning and maintaining your own hive. You also receive a share of the honey produced, and a case (24) of 16oz glass jars. Additional hives add 12 lbs.

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Consulting – If you are a new beekeeper or an established one who wants a second opinion we offer consulting services.

Services include:

  • Varroa mite sampling.
  • Splitting and swarm management.
  • Health checks.
  • Management suggestions.
  • Honey harvesting.
  • Record-keeping solutions.

Cost varies contact for more information. Only available in Watauga, Ashe, and Wilkes.

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