About Our Bakery – Little Red Hen Bakery

Faith Mountain Farm’s bakery is otherwise known as Little Red Hen Bakery, a home based bakery owned and operated by Margaret Wilkes.

margaret-little-red-hen-bakery-startIt began at the age of 3, when her Mother allowed her to experiment (and to make a big mess!) in the kitchen. Thanks to her Mother’s careful instruction, she found that she was good at baking and really enjoyed it, and soon the kitchen became a practice ground for her culinary adventures, creating yummy treats that were enjoyed by friends and family. When she was 12, she launched a baking business named, “Margaret’s Makings” and sold such items as French Silk Pie, Fudgy Bon-Bons, and Toffee to a clientele consisting mainly of her Father’s colleagues and a few babysitters. You could often find her colorful flyers sitting out on her Father’s desk at Appalachian State Universtity. Later, when her family moved their farm, her Mother taught her the art of bread baking and she soon began baking a variety of whole wheat breads to sell at her family’s booth at the Watauga County Farmer’s Market in Boone, NC along with cinnamon rolls, muffins, and cookies.

Margaret, age 10, making a batch of her famous shortbread!

At 13, she took a beginning cake decorating class at a craft store and became fascinated with the art of creating beautiful and delicious cakes. From then on, she put her new found talents to use to create colorful birthday cakes for each her six sibling’s birthdays, even picking up a few orders here and there at their booth at the Farmer’s Market. Then, when she was 16, from a friend’s recommendation, a young lady asked her to do her wedding cake! Margaret had never dreamed it possible, but 3 months and many hours of research and work later, that June day the beautiful three tiered masterpiece was complete. The bride, groom, and her two hundred guests just loved it!

margaret-little-red-hen-bakery-wedding-cakeMargaret putting the finishing touches on her first wedding cake! For the finished product, see The Cake Photos Page!

It was out of all this that Little Red Hen Bakery was born. Margaret can bake delicious treats and cakes that are as tasty as they are beautiful. Using the finest ingredients possible, she can work with you to create a beautiful cake or delectable dessert for your special occasion. We serve and deliver to Boone, NC and the surrounding area.

For orders or more information, email margaret@littleredhencakes.com or call Margaret at 336-385-3510